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ShavingClub Titas 4M (1 Handle + 2 x 4 Blade)

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Introducing ShaversClub's 4-blade Titas metal razor handles to fit all your shaving needs. ShaversClub razor are manufactured by a company in china that has many years of experience in manufacturing of high-end manual razors. Research and constant sampling and testing have ensures that each razors blade meet the highest standards to fit our customers need. Only top quality blades that has been sourced from the USA and Europe are used in our products.

Replacement of razor's head is recommended every three months to ensure high quality of razor system

ShaverClub metal razor comes bundle with the handle and two 4-blades action razor heads.



*Extra razor cartridges available for purchase

ShavingClub Titas 4M (1 Handle + 2 x 4 Blade) is available for purchase in increments of 1

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ShaversClub Titas 4-blade metal Handle Razor

  • 1 metal handle + 2 razor head
  • Anti-bleeding guide roll + 4-layer smooth sensing blade
  • Origin of blades: Imported
  • Features: 4-layer sense progressive razor, designed with unique full coverage lubricating strip and a non-slip grip plastic handle

  • Highlights of shaver
  • Guide rollers plays a correcting role in rolling mode, to reduce the chances of skin-cutting during traverse direction movement.
  • Unique design of shaver, adopts a vibrating shaving effect allowing each cutting blade force to change according to the random variance of guide roll's diameter on skin surface, giving each blade equal chances to exert instantaneous leading role.
  • Shaver design adopting a technology in which allows the multiple blades to change accordingly to the uneven surface of the skin, giving a more comfortable and through shaving experience.
  • Changing shaving angle increases the blade lifespan by reducing the pressure formed between blade and skin.
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